Monday 16 May 2011

Introducing: Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer

Remember when I introduced you to talk show host extraordinaire Jeremy Kyle?   I surely can't have you thinking that British "celebrities" can only be enjoyed on the sofa during weekday mornings! Once you've either got a job or found things other than daytime television to occupy your time, you will need something to watch in the evenings, right? 

May I suggest Relocation, Relocation. It's kind of like House Hunters which you may have watched in America, but is hosted by the Lord and Lady of Real Estate, Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp.

Kirstie - Born 31 August 1971 in London (Hampstead); skipped University and spent some time in India teaching English before focusing on interior design and ultimately moving on to TV work.  Never married (has long term partner) with two children and two step children. 

Phil - Born 11 December 1969  in Kent; was headboy at the uppity Uppingham school, started home finding company that spawned Relocation, Relocation and it's sister show Location, Location, Location; married once (current); two children

Phil and Kirstie
Relationships With Other "Celebrities": None for either of them, I'm afraid.... unless you, like me, think the two of them are having a lurid affair!

Best Scandal: The word "scandal" is a definite stretch with these goody two-shoes. Unfortunately for our gossip hungry eyes, Phil has been extremely successful at keeping his personal life very private. Kirstie, however, has a big mouth and once said that children shouldn't have homework, apparently has chased someone down for throwing litter out of their car and started a minor Twitter feud with another TV presenter over the length of her skirt ("It’s debatable whether that’s a skirt or not – hard to take her seriously," Kirstie said.)  Oh, and her brother is/was "friendly" with Courtney Love. 

That's a Bit Strange: Kirstie's father is former chairman of Christie's (you know, the auction house?) Charles Henry Allsopp otherwise known as 6th Baron Hindlip, which entitles her to use the title "The Honourable Kirstie Allsopp". Fancy fancy!  Also, Kath Kidston is her cousin.

Coming to America?  It doesnt look like it.  Both would struggle on the property side since their knowledge is focused on UK real estate. Although, Phil has been doing a show in Australia, so never say never.

Watch them in action in an "Embarrassing bits" special.


  1. I love Kirstie and Phil! I never thought they were having an affair. I always thought Phil was gay. That's an interesting tidbit about Cath Kidston. I didn't know they were cousins!

  2. Kirstie's other 'scandal' was when she got in trouble for saying, "for God's sake" and "Christ Almighty," during a Relocation shoot.

  3. debbie in toronto18 May 2011 at 21:29

    we get to watch them here in Canada on HGTV ...LOVE THEM....

  4. Love that show and I adore Phil, but I can't stand Kirstie. I can't really say why, she just seriously bugs.

  5. Nice people, excellent to present à tv-programm. Go on, i would say,

  6. Hope to see new episodes in NZ. Reruns get boring.

    1. And in Australia too. We are getting sick of re-runs. Some of the episodes go back to 2005.

  7. In both property shows Location Location Location and Relocation Relocation Kirstie and Phil perfectly compliment each other as hosts. Their house hunting skills are optimized by their ability to identify and distinguish between client needs and wants. They are superb at balancing the need for confrontation and the fine line of negotiating the sometimes emotional/relational and practical issues of their clients. They are always a pleasure to watch.

  8. I moved here from the U.S in 2011 and Phil and Kirstie got me thru some difficult times. Absolutely love them!

  9. Whoops. I thought they were having an affair or maybe had had an affair.....slap on hands and clean your mouth out with soap and water.
    I think both Kirstie and Phil are great fun......

  10. I actually thought they were married, this is the reason I'm on this site, trying to find out.

  11. Watching Kirstie and Phil is like a drug. I can't get enough of them. Dont ever stop