Monday 1 November 2010

Ideal Christmas Gift for the New UK Driver

When I was learning to drive on the "wrong" side of the road and the "wrong" side of the car, I developed a hate-hate (trust me, there was no love there) relationship with roundabouts.   Approaching a roundabout made me tense up and forget to breathe, watching other driver's consistantly misuse (or not use at all) of turn signals/indicators on roundabouts made me furious, and listening to my husband tell me how much better a roundabout is compared to a four-way stop in America almost made me a commit acts of domestic violence.  It took me far longer than it should to be able to manouver around a roundabout without coming to a complete stop before entering it and I still prefer a friendly four-way stop, but our relationship has improved with time and hopefully will continue to grow stronger with time.

I know I am not the only one who has roundabout anxiety, so if you have anyone in your life who is struggling to understand and appreciate the great British roundabout, perhaps they would enjoy the Best of British Roundabouts 2011 calendar, the latest offering from the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society  (honestly... I cant make this stuff up.)

While we're on the subject of roundabouts - how happy are you that you don't live in Swindon?   What's wrong with Swindon, you ask?  THIS is what's wrong with Swindon.  (Warning: images contained in the aforementioned link may not be appropriate for roundabout-fearing new drivers)


  1. Fucking hell, magic roundabout by ass. That looks like a nightmare!

  2. I actually saw this roundabout while viewing my CD-ROM while studying for the theory test - I was horrified and wondered where it was located, hoping it wouldnt be near my practical exam. It looks like its far from me {whew}. Your timing is perfect - I just sent in the paperwork for my provisional license. Tick off Step 1 :)

  3. Did you take any lessons before you got behind the wheel. Just the thought of getting into a car and heading to the roundaboud makes me go into a cold sweat!
    So glad I found your blog. I have enjoyed reading it for hours, I feel not so alone! What part of the US did you come from?
    I think my husband thinks I should give the blog a rest and go back to work. He's giving me the stink eye. Thank you!!!

  4. Hi Suzanne

    I was absolutely the same way when learning to drive. I was a mess!! Definitely take a few lessons - in my experience, it was extra stressful to try to rely on my husband to teach me. I think I only took about 10 hours of lessons and then drove around alone for the rest of my "training". Learning to drive was absolutely the hardest thing about moving for me! Thank you so much for your kind words re: my blog. I am so glad its helpful. I'm happy to answer any other questions or meet up for a drink if you're around the Surrey/Hampshire area. I moved from Colorado. What about you? Best of luck to you!