Wednesday 1 June 2011

Olympic Ticket Trials

If you don't live in the England (or maybe you've just been living under a rock somewhere) you may not know that today was the last day for people to find out if they have been allocated tickets for the 2012 Olympics.

Back in April, residents of the UK were given the opportunity to enter a ballot for tickets for all Olympic events.  We were asked to request all the tickets we'd like, but were not promised any at the time of the request.  Starting in May until midnight this morning,  ticket buyers' credit cards were charged for the tickets they were allocated, but were not told what tickets they'd just paid for. 

My card has been charged for a fraction of the amount of the (mystery) tickets I requested, which is wonderful because apparently 250,000 people who entered the ballot have not been allocated any tickets at all.  Those who have come up empty handed include London Mayor Boris Johnson and some even some family members of competing British athletes.

On the other hand, some people were a bit luckier...or unluckier (is that word?) depending on how you look at it.  Case in point - Steven Hunt - the gentleman who requested £36,000 worth of tickets back in April, expecting to be allocated a very small amount, but ended up with £11,000 worth of mystery tickets! Woopsie.  Let's hope he has a lot of patience for crowds and really enjoys listening to random national anthems.

Don't worry though if you didn't snag any Olympic tickets of your own, anyone who entered the ballot and was not successful will apparently be sent an email containing details of a second chance purchasing opportunity.  

422 days and counting...

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  1. I entered our ballot through the US olympic committee and got nothing. Oh well. There's always ticket scalpers, right? :)
    Congrats to you! When do you find out which events you'll be seeing?