Wednesday 10 August 2011

Awesome New Thing: # 1 - Baguette Vending Machine

Smoothly skipping over all the riot talk dominating the news recently (seriously could I be more bored of riots??), I thought I'd take a moment to introduce you to my new hero: Jean-Louis Hecht.  As you can tell by his name, he's French, but we'll forgive him for that.*

Never heard of him?   Well, he's inveted this

The world's first baguette vending machine!   It dispenses fresh, warm baguettes 24 hours a day for only one euro.  There are only two so far, and they are both in France, but how awesome is this?   I bet those Dragon's Den panelists are crying in their tea that they weren't asked to invest in this one.   Channel hop anyone?

*Calmer. Son seul une blague.


  1. Did you mean: "calmez-vous, ce n'est qu'une blague." (calm down, it's just a joke) at the end?

    i didn't know there existed such a baguette machine haha

  2. I did indeed, Mary. Damn Google translate! Thanks :)