Friday 22 June 2012

Fried Green Grits and other American "favourites"

Those journalistic geniuses at recently published an article titled 'Favourite foods in the US and why they havent taken off around the world'.  I saw it on a "friend's" Facebook page and refused to click on the basis that anytime anyone makes generalizations about things Americans like, they always get it wrong. Always.  Then another "friend" shared it, then another and I finally took a look.  Turns out, I can answer their question really easily - these "favourite" foods havent taken off outside America because they have hardly taken off IN America. Oh, and they are gross.

What are these American favourites?  

1. Grits. Seriously?!  Who outside a handful of  Southern states actually eats (and enjoys) grits?  I tried them once at an IHOP in Tunica, Mississippi and even after some coaching from a very nice waitress on how to best enjoy them, I couldn't manage it. Yuck!
Grit in Mississippi
2. Root Beer. Yeah, ok. Everyone should probably have a root beer float at least once in their lives, but do people really guzzle cans of root beer anywhere in America? I can't say I've ever known a real fan of root beer.  Maybe I've just been hanging out with the wrong crowd.

3. Scrapple.  Huh? 29 years of life in America, and I've never heard of it. A "favourite" it is not.

4.Cornbread. This is the one exception. Yahoo got something right.  Cornbread is delicious and people are indeed missing out if they haven't tried it.  Luckily for everyone in the UK, you can order it here.  And remember people, cornbread is not just for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

5. Fried Green Tomatoes. Again, unless you are a Southerner (or a major fan of Jessica Tandy) most Americans have probably never tried this "favourite" dish. I ate some in New Orleans once and they were alright, but nothing to write across the pond about. I think the fried Mars Bar has a better chance of making its way out of Scotand and around the world than the fried green tomato.