Wednesday 15 August 2012

Me, Me, Me

Am I the only one who hates blogs that read like diaries?

Sadly, I'm starting to think I am which is why I've gone off blogging for awhile.  I only tell you this because I had an amusing comment left a few weeks ago that said  "Your blog is pretty good, but you suck because you can't be bothered to write more than every now and again. I won't be reading again."  I'm taking it as a compliment because frankly I'm desperate for compliments.

I've done some traveling, I've been to a few Olympic events, had some drinks with a few Royals, got a fancy invite to the exclusive-ish Ivy Club, but really, no one wants to read about me.  Why can't other bloggers figure this out?  Every other blog I "follow" at the moment is so self-absorbed rather than informational, inspirational or even humorous that I really can't be bothered.

Examples?  Here are the two most common.  Surely, you all know blogs like these: 

Dear Diary, 

Today Fred and I woke up at 5:00am to go somewhere. We went there and ate some lunch. {insert detail after mind-numbing detail of your day here}.  Tomorrow we'll go somewhere else. We're so interesting!

Love, Me. 

OR ...

Dear Diary, 

My baby pooped again.  He's so cute.  Here's another photo.

Love, Me

So, to the man who will never read my 'pretty good' blog again because I can't be bothered to write often enough, I do apologise. Maybe you're an awkward sod like me and will understand my backwards protest. I'll try better, but will not resort to writing about my daily activities.  That's what facebook is for. (duh).