Saturday 2 October 2010

British* Stuff Review: Stilton

Welcome to my new series - British* Stuff Review. Here, I will give my opinion (and ask for yours) on stuff to which I have been newly introduced since moving to England.

*Not all "stuffs" will be quintisentially British, nor am I implying that because I eat/buy/use/enjoy said "stuffs" that all British people do. Please dont bother to tell me that you tried/saw/ate/bought such and such stuff when you were in America or elsewhere, so it's not really a British thing. I'm not claiming everything I review is ONLY British, but they are things I was only introduced to after moving to England (as stated above) and things other expats are likely to experience as well. Ready now? Ok, read on...

It may not be pretty, but its delicious!
Today's British Stuff is Stilton Cheese!

Stilton is a strong smelling, strong flavoured, crumbly cheese that comes in blue and white varieties.  Kind of like how real Champagne must come from the Champagne region of France, Stilton cheese has been granted the status of Protected Designation of Origin from the European Commission.  There are only six dairies in the world (all of them in the English counties of Nottinghamshire or Leicestershire) which can produce Stilton cheese. For the record:  Stilton can also be produced in Derbyshire, but there are no dairies there currently. The six dairies are subject to regular inspection to ensure they are producing quality cheese.  Wikipedia claims that Gorgonzola is similar to Stilton, and I suppose in a stretch, I would agree with that but Stilton definitely has a distinct flavour unlike any other cheese I have tasted.

How to eat:  I was first introduced to Stilton as part of a Ploughman's lunch, and it was love at first taste.  I think Stilton is best eaten with pickle (not a pickle as in picked cucumber like that big stork sells, but pickle as in Branston's Pickle, which is kind of-sort of-not really-but can be compared to relish).   But, if you don't like pickle or are looking for something a bit more sophisticated, try Stilton with sliced pears - its delicious!  Throw a glass of white wine in the mix and happiness will ensue.  Trust me.

British Stuff Rating:  5/5 Paddington Bears


  1. I've always loved Stilton but had no idea that it was made in Derbyshire. Love Derbyshire (Chatsworth house takes my breath away)!

    And I wouldn't compare it to Gorgonzola either :-)

  2. I really enjoyed this post and look forward to more 'reviews'. These factoids are right up my alley. Thank you for testing and researching

  3. I agree it is uncomparable to Gorgonzola, which I do like, but sadly did not take a liking to Stilton. I would say it is one of the now two cheeses I do not love, the other being blue.

  4. Stilton is a poor english man's roquefort :P

  5. Stilton with walnuts and pear. Stilton with cranberry sauce. Port and stilton. Chrouil has not bought the right Stilton (from an artisan producer). It is the most divine blue cheese in the world.