Friday 22 October 2010

Who's Coming For Dinner

Laura at Happy Homemaker UK posted a little game on her blog today asking what famous people you would invite to dinner. I've always struggled with this question, but I am giving it a shot today and limiting myself to living famous people.  Who wants a dead person at their table?  You'd have to struggle all evening to keep them up-right like in Weekend at Bernie's.

You can play along with Laura too by checking out her fantastic blog.

1. The "everything" one - Bill Clinton  (thats an easy one.  Bill is always invited to any event of mine)

2. The funny one - Karl Pilkington  (Seriously, if you have not seen any of An Idiot Abroad, stop what you are doing and watch an episode this instant)

3. The thought-provoking one - Peter Singer  (My idol.  The man who says everything I wish I could say when challenged to a debate with my Father-in-law)

The Lovely Betty White
4.The "because I couldnt have a dinner party with me and five men" one -  Betty White. (C'mon. Who wouldnt want to have Betty White at their dinner party? Imagine the stories she could tell.)

5. The wild card - Prince Phillip ( You never know what might come out of his mouth. To my American friends - he's the Queen's husband and always says the absolute most inappropriate things to pretty much everyone he meets. A must have at any dinner party.)


  1. Oooh, excellent list. Can you even imagine what would happen if Betty and Karl sat next to each other? Comedy perfection. I'm addicted to An Idiot Abroad - SO funny! And thanks also for letting me know I need to pay more attention to what comes out of Prince Phillip's mouth. :)

  2. I love your list. I really need to figure out how to record on Sky so I can catch idiot abroad ;)