Thursday 8 March 2012

2012 Beyond the Queen Awards!

Disclaimer:  if you are one of those expats who refuses to admit that anything in the UK could ever be as good as anything in America, stop reading now.   You are ineligible to vote in the 2012 Beyond the Queen Awards.

I thought we could play a little game and hand out some awards to either the US option for things or the UK option for things.  Sorry for the terrible explaination, but you'll get it as we go along.

Dominos Pizza.  A favourite in both the US and the UK.  Same logo, same quick service.  Different menu items. And the nominees are....
  • Brooklyn Style Pizza (US)
  • Pasta Breadbowls (US)
  • Deep Dish Pizza (US)
  • Double Decadence Pizza (UK)
  • Tandoori Hot toppings (UK)
  • Veg-a-roma toppings (UK)

Pringles.  Same lovely crunchy snack, same for-some-reason-exciting-canister-rather-than-bag containment method, very different flavours.  And the nominees are...
  • Mexican Layered Dip (US)
  • Loaded Baked Potato (US)
  • Honey Mustard (US)
  • Thai Sweet Chili (UK)
  • Prawn Cocktail (UK)
  • Curry (UK)

Discount "designer" department store type places.   Same double X, different second letter. And the nominees are...
  • TJ Maxx (US)
  • TK Maxx (UK)
Ps.  It appears that TJ and TK are not actually acronyms, but just arbitrary letters. Can anyone verify?

CiderMaybe not a very popular drink in the US, but there are still options.  And the nominees are...
  • Woodchuck (US)
  • Ace (US)
  • Aspall (UK)
  • Stowford Press (UK)

TV show that follows around generally annoying/stupid/spoiled/makeup caked people and passes it off as "entertainment".  Do any of these really deserve an award?  With reservations, the nominees are...
  • Whatever the latest Kardashian show is called (US)
  • Whatever show Snookie is on (US)
  • Real housewives of wherever (US)
  • Desperate Scousewives (UK)
  • Made in Chelsea (UK)
  • The Only Way is Essex (UK)

Intensifying adverb.  When an adjective by itself just wont do.  And the nominees are...
  • Totally  (US ex. "That is totally awesome")
  • Well (UK ex "She is well fit")

    Cast your votes below!


    1. Dominos in general is just better in the UK, hands down. And I love Made in Chelsea.

    2. UK cider is the best in terms of range, quality and price. I converted my (American) wife to cider whilst she was over. The pity is that cider is very refreshing and a great drink that works well somewhere hot like Florida, but there isn't enoug of it about. Woodchuck is bearable but I wish it was less sweet and a bit stronger and drier. The good news is that I am increasingly seeing Strongbow available on tap in bars! *licks lips*

    3. Aww I love this idea!

      I'd go Pizza Hut over Domino's any day, but I'd have to say when that Spanish Sizzler was going on here in the UK - MM MMM MMM!! We don't do chorizo on things nearly enough in the States do we? Cider: Thatchers. Telly: Made In Chelsea and adverb: Well. I've basically converted haven't I =p