Friday 2 March 2012

Please keep your most annoying words over "there".

I believe I have spoken before about my dislike for some British words - mostly the cutesy shortened words like "brekky" and "pressie", but I am embarrased to say that many of the most absolute cringe worthy words actually come from the homeland. 

May I take this moment to plead with all British people to not look to America for "trendy" new words and phrases? Words aren't meant to be trendy. If it's trends you're looking for, wear some Gok glasses or something.

In the same breath/keystroke, may I also beg all expats to make a concious effort to not import such words into the UK?  When you sell your furniture or terminate your apartment lease in America, please leave the following words with the new owners/occupiers:


Fail. (as a one word sentence)


I can haz.  Or whatever people say in that strange cat language.

Any words coined by the idiots on Jersey Shore.


Ridic. (thanks to T for the "proper" spelling of this non-word)

It's bad enough that the American public has to hear these words/phrases. Don't you think that those of us who have moved away from America might be spared?  Maybe as a pity gesture for us leaving all of our friends and family (and Target)?  I think we deserve it.


  1. I have to agree with you there, "fail" is one that particularly irritates, also "owned" which is creeping in to the UK vocabulary lately. Older irritants are OMG and "my bad", I've also noticed that American pronunciation is increasing (particularly in the young), probably due to the plethora of US shows on TV but saying that, there were plenty of US shows on the TV in the 60's but nobody seemed to adopt the pronunciation, maybe because the schools used to enforce their teaching of the "correct" way and not let the kids do as they like, which seems to be the way of modern teaching.

  2. Do people actually speak in that stupid cat language?? They can really ruin a cute picture of a kitten with one of those captions that are full of Zs.

  3. Is it a good thing that I have never heard of 6 out of 7 of the things on your list? I think so . . .

  4. Yes, Jenny - you are very lucky indeed!

  5. I just had my 1 year expat anniversary in October. :-) Went to a West End theatre today and was shocked and embarred by the volume and crassness of my fellow Americans sitting next to us. I am sure there are crass folks from every country, but gez! Emberassing.

  6. I've never head any of these words used other than Fail in text speak or social media.

  7. I have never heard anyone say any of those words, in any country! Unless.... 'redic' is actually 'ridic' and short for 'ridiculous'? If that's the case, I say it almost every day!

    What does FML even mean?

  8. Yes, my apologies - redic should I suppose be written as ridic (editing now)... and I will forgive you for using this word daily only because you read my blog. But um... seriously?

    FML apparently means "fuck my life" and its various uses can be found on a website where people complain mostly about their middle class problems called Enjoy.