Wednesday 15 December 2010

Tea Time

I realize I talk a lot of smack about tea.   I apologize if you really enjoy "tea culture" and are sick of me complaining about it and in the same breath let me apologize if you are annoyed by it even more than I and are pushed over the edge by my ramblings.

But... I couldnt help but share this little bit of "research":

According to the manufactures of the new T6 water dispenser thingie, the average Briton spends 24 minutes a day making hot drinks at work (yes, yes, I admit some of this may be coffee, but I like to blame it on tea).   Added up over a working lifetime, this is equal to 188 days and 21 hours waiting for the kettle to boil, immersing one's tea bag and mixing to one's preferred recipe. 

Perhaps more interesting - based on an average UK salary of £26,000, it means each worker costs £416 a year in lost productivity performing the tea making ritual. 

Therefore, I suggest that those who do not drink tea throughout the day should be awarded a £416* bonus each year on their birthday!  Got that Mr Cameron?  I demand a change in policy immediately or I will riot in the streets!

*In the interest of full disclosure, I am willing to take about a £359 bonus because I do make one cup of coffee most mornings.  


  1. Funny, I just had a tea conversation with the Brits who came to paint our apartment. When they asked me where the tea kettle was so they could whip up some tea, I told them I just heat up water in the microwave. They told me that's weird (add accent). I wanted to tell them it's weird that they are standing in my kitchen drinking tea and singing Pretty Woman along to the radio when they should be working. Interesting work ethic. Also, the movers were bummed out the day our furnature arrived. They weren't looking forward to spending the day carring boxes and furnature....Really?

  2. LOL yes, what an excellent point! I am so glad you mentioned this. You are somehow expected to feed and water anyone who comes to do work in your house. A very good lesson to learn in your early days!