Thursday 31 March 2011

Roundabout Idol

Ever driven around a roundabout and thought "ohh this is a lovely roundabout"?  Or maybe you've driven around more times than necessary to bask it its beauty?  No?  Ok, me neither, until I decided to find a worthy nomination for "Roundabout Idol".  That's right - a vehicle leasing company has launched a contest to find Britain's best (and worst) roundabouts and is currently looking for nominations.

So far, someone has nominated BBC Island (the roundabout in Nottingham outside the BBC offices), saying its "looks gorgeous with its colourful flowers and trees. It never struggles to cope [with traffic] even on match days when its proximity to Nottingham's two football clubs and to Trent Bridge cricket ground means it's heaving with cars. The roundabout takes it all in its stride and doesn't miss a beat."

"Burger King Roundabout"
My nomination for Best Roundabout in the UK goes to the "Burger King roundabout" in Aldershot (the only visually pleasing thing in Aldershot maybe?) with its hanging baskets and ease of access into the only Burger King drive thru in the area. If only the Burger King was a Taco Bell it would win for sure!  

Heart Statue Roundabout
Photo: Ed O'Keeffe
But, while we're at it, why limit Roundabout Idol to the UK?  What about the best roundabout in the world?  Surely the "Heart Statue roundabout" in Almeria, Spain would win.  Palm trees, heart statue, coast line - that's even better than Burger King or Taco Bell... or anything in Aldershot for that matter.   

On a related note:  If you fancy finding the Heart Statue or other Spanish roundabouts (and why wouldnt you?), take a peek at Brit Car Hire which hires right hand drive cars to British tourists in Spain.  Just remember to go around the roundabouts the OTHER way! 


  1. I'd love to visit it, for I must remind my kids they are American with the land of drive-thrus and Burger King. You photo looks beautiful :)

    I must say many of the roundabouts are beautiful in full bloom with daffodils. XOL

  2. Thats funny to hear. We (Minnesota) have had round abouts for a few years. I personally like them - but have see lots of accidents.

    Have a nice day

    ::waves:: I'm a new reader