Wednesday 20 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Drinking Game

I am beginning to regret my rejection of the Royal Wedding after reading the latest edition of Glamour magazine which contains the best article ever in the history of women's trash magazines.  They have come up with a drinking game to play whilst watching the event that sounds so fun, I could cry that I will be on an airplane during the nuptials.  I couldnt resist sharing a few of my favourite rules to the game, but you'll to pick up the mag for the full game (it's the one with Cheryl Cole on the cover, but don't let that put you off - you can draw mustaches on her after purchase).

Glamour reminds us that the Wedding is at 11am, but don't let that stop you from playing along...

Kate looks a bit overwhelmed =  1 dainty sip of Cava

A horse does a whoopsie (that's British for takes a poop) on the pavement = shot of Sambuca

It's Prince Edward! = Yawn and get someone to pass you a strong drink of you choosing 

Celebratory swig for each time Kate is described as "radiant" and DON'T put your foot through the telly. 

Prince Phillip looks as if he might be thinking something racist = 1 shot

Wills' bald spot on TV again = Open the tequilla 

Spy Prince Harry psyching out Wills by pelvic thrusting during this vows = Shotgun a Bacardi Breezer

And my personal favourite - When you see Ben Fogel, last to shout "Fogel alert!" drinks whatever's in their glass.

And the fun doesnt stop there - Glamour has also published a fun game of "Guest List Bingo" as seen below.

This wedding could be a good time after all. Enjoy yourselves! I'll be back when its all over.


  1. Thank you for this! Have you seen the game on Facebook? People are suggesting some awesome rules! Every time they show Prince Philip, shout something racist at the TV. Every time they show Harry, do a Nazi salute. Oh, the fun we'll have!

  2. So much for your anti-Will and Kate free zone :). Come on, aren't you just a little bit excited about the wedding? Admit it :)

  3. I wouldnt go that far! I am NOT excited in the least (and am already dreading when he knocks her up) but would have a grand time playing the above games!

    I am still anti-Wills, Kate and Royal Wedding. I could do a post about how much this is costing UK tax payers and list a few things we could do with the £12-£20million, but then I start to scare myself that I may be a Republican (the UK kind, not the US kind!) and I'm not ready to admit to that yet. Hope you enjoy it though, Laura!

  4. This one involves a Brit mix: And is racismer a thing now?

  5. Quite funny...but I agree with thee Happy Homemaker UK...aren't you ust a bit excited...I have an appointment at noon and am going to miss Kate getting out of the car for the first time...I know i will see it a thousand times, but I am a little disappointed that I'm going to be missing it happen live!

  6. This is hilarious. I only wish I'd had a copy with me when watching the big event! I will say that I did attend and thoroughly enjoyed the vibe and festive atmosphere in the city. Cheers!