Friday 14 October 2011

Thank you Mrs Thatcher

Are you one of those wierdos who likes ice cream right out of the tub?... you know they ones who actually kind of chew ice cream?   If so, then you won't care about this, but if you are like me and much prefer soft serve ice cream (think McDonalds or Mr Whippy), did you know that you have former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to thank for that glorious form of ice cream?

According to a new book, The Book of Celebrity Inventions by Mark Champkins, Mrs (or is it Baroness?) Thatcher, who has a degree in chemistry from Oxford, is responsible for research done into whipping more air into ice cream to make lovely soft serve ice cream that can be distributed through a machine! 

McFlurry anyone??


  1. No Way! Now I don't even want to eat it ever again even though it is one of my favorite things---so torn now.

  2. Really?! Fascinating - thank you Mrs Thatcher :)