Thursday 3 February 2011

..but the actor is British

Sorry to labour the point, but as further proof of the argument presented in my last post... Take a look at this advert airing in the UK for the new season of House...

Seriously?  A trailer which focuses on the actor's nationality rather than the quality of the show itself?  That's what's going to urge Brits to watch the show?

Woe is me.


  1. Oh dear. I hadn't seen that ad yet, but I have to say that ad actually puts me off (despite the fact I do like this show; and as an expat living in England I tend to fall on the 'loving it just for being so English' end of the scale).
    However, does coming from a priveliged background and going to Eton actually makes someone "quintessentially English"? And if so, what does that make, say, the Beatles?
    Oh gosh, I could write you an essay on this - but I'll refrain! :) Melissa

  2. This is truly odd to me that they promote things like that. And what is really that this is a great show (I have not followed it though) and I didn't EVEN know he was British til I heard an interview of his one time.

  3. I think it's because a whole generation of British viewers don't realise Hugh Laurie is Englsh. He used to be a popular comedian in the UK before he took the role of House, but that finished years ago.

    Apparently when filming a series of House he stays "in character" with an American accent all the time, which must be weird for his family!

  4. He says he hates his American accent, but seriously it's absolutely flawless. If I hadn't seen him in Sense & Sensibility, I'd never have know he wasn't American.

  5. Personally I'd watch it even if he came from Outer Mongolia. It's quite the best medical drama series ever. And then some.